Your Face Here

Yes, you can advertise on our site.

It’s true – there is real estate on our site that we’ll trade for cold, hard cash. We’ll help promote anything…. well, anything we like. Here’s the deal. We LOVE sponsors, but more than that, we love OUR sponsors. If you want your organization, startup, firm, or event to be associated with innovation, change, and unbridled media, then we will do ALL we can to make sure that our readers know that you are behind us, and that we are behind you.

That sweet, sweet right panel ad-space…

I see you eye-ing it… you’re like “man, if only I could get MY FACE on that RudeBaguette side-panel (or even on the header of our landing page!? *gasp*), I would be set! We write about all sorts of topics, whether it be tech events, new startups, the European Startup Scene, or just crazy French culture stories! We can get YOUR face on the topics that YOU like… with some extra social exposure, of course!

Get some RUDE exposure for your Events

We get RUDE at events all over Paris, and there is ALWAYS something going on in Paris for techies, entrepreneurs, and the like. Whether it’s networking, demo days, apéros, or any other get together, we’ll make sure that NOTHING else is happening the evening of YOUR event.

Looking for RUDE beta testers?

There’s nothing we love more than giving our readers a little something extra just for reading our pages. If you’ve got a beta coming out, or even just a new version of a product, hook up our Rude Readers with a sneak peak or a little something extra, and we’ll be more than happy to name drop.

Coming Soon… RUDE jobs!

Tired of fruitlessly posting to job boards for normal employees? All our readers are RUDE! They’re Pirates! And they LOVE startups! If you’ve got an awesome new startup and you’re hiring, drop us a line and we’ll get the word out! We’re talking tweets, pokes, articles, job boards, you name it! If it’s RUDE, we’re in!


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