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French and German Entrepreneurs: Time to Go Global

Guest Post: Thomas is the founder of, a blog that covers Internet and Mobile startups out of Europe. EU-Startups also has bloggers in Spain, Ireland and the UK. The vision behind is it to connect the European startup scene and to encourage entrepreneurship within Europe. Since France and Germany are the two largest non-English speaking markets  inside […]

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In Paris for LeWeb? Let show you a good time…

There are 2 times per year when my inbox gets flooded with “Hey Roxanne, what should I do in Paris?!” emails: during summer and LeWeb. Usually I send my friends a few random things to do, like see a Chopin concert in the Eglise Julien le Pauvre near Saint Germain or go to the 5th floor of the Louis Vuitton building via the “secret” elevator for the hands-down best view of Paris and other weird things as well.

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Sarkozy talks failure and e-commerce with Eric Schmidt

Note: All quotes are direct translations of French quotes. Yesterday, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Google CEO Eric Schmidt  sat down with some French Googlers to answer questions. They came together to inaugurate the opening of the new Google France building, a big step for Google, which previously lacked substantial footing in France, despite its popularity. In […]

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Philippe Laval: Turning a Nice-To-Have into a Must-Have

For the past few months, I have been using a service called WriteThat.Name. It’s a pretty nifty “nice-to-have” service – not quite a “must-have” – and it has one interesting property: once you use it, it works so well you forget you use it. To put it simply, WriteThat.Name manages your email address book. Anytime […]

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Wondering what’s going to happen at LeWeb? Here, we’ll tell you.

Oh yes, it is finally the most wonderful time of the year. The 8th edition of Europe’s most hyped tech event, LeWeb – which has grown from some 250 participants in 2004 to over 3,000 attendees this year – will be taking place this week in the number-one tourist destination in the world: Paris. Silicon Valley’s tech titans will finally succumb to a few painful days in a city with a bit of history, culture and good-quality coffee, where they will share their insights with their biggest undercover fans: European entrepreneurs. And if we can base this year’s performance on anything from the past, then we’re definitely in for a real treat. Here are some predictions about what will happen at this year’s LeWeb event…

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If Siri is Hacked in a French Forest, Does Anybody Care?

Two weeks ago, Paris-based research firm, Applidium — part of the esteemed FaberNovel group — surprised everybody by announcing that they had hacked Siri, the iPhone 4S’s voice-recognition personal assistant.  On November 14, they posted a lengthy blog post, in French and English, detailing (and I mean detailing) the efforts that went behind the reverse […]

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On his CV he put 'sign' under one of his coding languages...

Three Golden Rules to Finding a CTO

This article is not meant for Tech Guys – this article is for the legitimate Biz Guys, whether you’re a tech guy who’s decided to run the business-side of a project instead of the development side, or if you’re someone with great product vision. I have watched many a biz guy hunt for a developer, […]

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The More you Know...

3 Takeaways from Deloitte’s Fast 500

This past week, Deloitte released it’s annual list of the 500 fastest growing EMEA technology companies, and the results are pretty interesting. The most interesting point is probably that Logic Bilisim, the top growing technology company with %28617 gr0wth, is from Turkey. I thought I’d take look at the list and find some takeaways that could […]

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Where are all the startup Bassists and Drummers?

Last week I talked about the real “Biz Guy” is, today I wanna talk about another invaluable type of startuper – one who carries the rhythm, the backup, and the soul of the startups. Everyone wants to be a Rockstar… When we’re growing up, we always picture ourselves as the lead singers, lead guitarists, and […]

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Announcing the RudeBaguette Tshirt contest

Even though you may not realize it, fashion is kind of a big deal in the startup world. I’m not talking about haute couture à la Dior and Chanel – but the stuff Mark Zuckerberg wears. Or Steve Jobs. Yes, I’m talking about the laid-back Google dress-code. The simplicity, practicality and functionality of good old jeans and a t-shirt.

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