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How to get hired by a French startup. No Bullshit.

Ok, so before I get started, this article presupposes that you have the legal right to work in France – either you’ve got an appropriate VISA or you’re a citizen in a country in the European Union (ps: check where your grandparents were born if you don’t have the right to work in France – […]

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François Cazor: Finance Engineer to Green Startup

A few months back a friend of mine told me about a company that was French, Green, and Financial. I sat down with François Cazor, co-founder of eCO2market, to talk about eCO2data, their flagship product. He explained to me the history of carbon credits, and how governments are slowly beginning to make companies pay for their […]

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On his CV he put 'sign' under one of his coding languages...

Three Golden Rules to Finding a CTO

This article is not meant for Tech Guys – this article is for the legitimate Biz Guys, whether you’re a tech guy who’s decided to run the business-side of a project instead of the development side, or if you’re someone with great product vision. I have watched many a biz guy hunt for a developer, […]

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Do French Entrepreneurs have Enough Experience?

The startup mentality is great: “this is wrong; I’m going to fix it.” This kind of innovative thinking disrupts how we travel, talk to friends, look at data, keep track of fans, spread music, and more…. In the startup world, quite often we see former employees of big companies creating a startup because their experience […]

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