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Idinvest Partners   Partenaire de la croissance des entreprises

IDInvest Parters, the most active VC in France

I love when entrepreneur tell me that “it is impossible to raise VC funding in France.” Honestly, it has become one of my favorite phrases. I have come across numerous entrepreneurs – on both sides of the Atlantic – that have told me that VCs are risk-averse weirdos and that their capital is extremely limited and/or drying up. And while Chausson Finance did declare France’s VC activity for the first half of 2011 as remarkably less than in 2010, this does not mean that there is no money to be had.

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Does France like Shazam more than Twitter?

Twitter has been slowly gaining more and more momentum in France. As with other countries around the world, France definitely started to tune into the power of Twitter – especially with the political uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. And to show just how tuned-in France was to the power of the social web, Sarkozy even held the first-ever eG8 Forum in Paris May to address the role of the Internet in society with numerous digital experts from around the world.

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The 11-11-11 RUDE Roundup: Th1s week 1n France…

As we mentioned last week, we’ll be doing a quick round-up every Friday of some of the key happenings in French tech news. So wake up and check out what happened this week!

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WYDIF: The French startup with the best online video

Let me preface this by saying first that I have seen a lot of French startups. But I definitely haven’t seen them all. If there is one thing that many French companies are getting better at, it’s social marketing. Last year, I published a little list of some of my favorite Youtube videos published by French startups. But I have to say that the one I’m presenting now takes the cake – by far.

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I’m sorry, did you think French companies don’t acquire?

It’s true. French companies don’t have the same acquisition culture as some of the American tech darlings, like Google or Facebook. And it definitely doesn’t help the local exit market. French and other European companies often look across the Atlantic when it comes time to go public or get acquired.But just because there are more exit opportunities elsewhere doesn’t mean there are none at home.

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French product recommendation of the week: SPARROW

This week’s French product recommendation goes out to Sparrow, a fabulous mail client for Mac developed in France.

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Friday Humor: This is NOT a French Entrepreneur under stress

There are many ways to deal with stress. Some people scream, some people cry and some people, uh…well…

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France’s Brittany gets its own Facebook

No, not Britney. But B-r-i-t-t-a-n-y. You know, the region in the north west of France, known as “Bretagne” to the French and “Breizh” to the local population. It’s a French region unlike the others, with its strong Celtic roots and local language that closely resembles Welsh (yes, French is still the official language, calm down). It’s the home of French writer Chateaubriand, crêpes and nationalist writer-historian Ernst Renan (whose famous essay “What is a nation?” not-so-subtly argued that the populations of Alsace-Lorraine that were lost during the Franco Prussian war were more or less still French).

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Logo RB

We can haz a logo !

Liam and I are absolutely thrilled by the amazing reactions and support we’ve been getting for our project this week. So a HUGE thank you to everyone. In a far away place… Tons of people have reached out offering different ways to help our project. Even if you’re based in Botswana, if you’ve got an […]

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Uh oh, Autolib stations = more free parking

OK, so some people seemed less interested in the tweet post from yesterday about Siri being a little politically ignorant. But I think a daily tweet from the French community adds a little flavor to the site… Up today is and founder Pierre Beyssac, who noticed that the new Autolib stations in Paris are […]

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